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Palpation of a Fantasy won an award

Palpation of a Fantasy Short Film got the best medium-length movie award

This film (Palpation of a Fantasy) , won the best medium-length movie award from the #TOFF Festival.

#TOFF – The Online Film Festival is a monthly international online event of short films, feature films and web series.

#TOFF is the first festival which specifically helps independent filmmakers to raise their visibility through the web.

After winning an award from this festival, the Festival Managers have interviewed with Director of the movie.

You can read the interview with Seyed Ali Mosaddad, the director of the movie, on the link below:

Interview with Seyed Ali Mosaddad

palpation, award, cinema, art, short film, noyan film,

the best medium-length movie award


Palpation, cinema, art, short film, short movie, surreal, noyan film, award, festival

the best medium-length movie award

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